I’ll Take The Rain Over

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Marion, Ohio – So we spent the last couple hours going over the information coming in on the radar and we wanted to take time time to write this update for one reason, I would rather have this rain than what some of the people within this line of storms are getting.

Right now, we are sitting at a comfortable 57 degrees in Marion. Meanwhile in St. Paul, MN, they are seeing temps below freezing and are currently under a winter weather advisory. Snow continues to fall in their city at this time. The last time they saw temperatures as warm as ours today, was back on December 4, 2017.

You think they have it back in St. Paul, try Tawas City, MI. They are currently getting a mix of snow and ice. In the past two months, they have only seen two days where their temperature was above 50 degrees.

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A little rain doesn’t hurt but I would hate to be living in one of those cities. In St. Paul they are calling their current snow a blizzard with 15.5 inches reported to their National Weather Service. Power is out in most of the Michigan area’s dealing with snow and ice. Trust me when I say, “I will take the rain!”

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