Marion Ohio Weather Rocks

MOW Rocks Contest

Marion, Ohio – Yesterday we announced the Marion Ohio Weather Rocks Contest. We are pleased to announce an addition to the contest prize. Not only will you receive a set on the Marion Popcorn Festival’s Community Stage and Professional Photo-shoot from Kyinara Photography, but in addition, you will receive an exclusive interview on Marion’s Blue’s Station 97.5 WDIF’s Grihine Time Radio with Hennessy. Get registered below or email us your band, artist, or musician photo to be entered. Invite your fans to visit our website and VOTE for you. At the end of the contest, the person or group with the most VOTES will win the ever growing prize.

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**To view the gallery of entries, click on our headline banner promoting the contest or click here: Marion Ohio Weather Rocks Contest

2 thoughts on “Marion Ohio Weather Rocks

  1. You folks make this voting SO HARD for those of us who are disabled. You should just set up a traction box that allows us to cast a vote. Why we would have to save a photo & upload it with our vote is silly!

    1. For voting all you have to do is click the star on the photo of the band you are voting for. The band’s upload their photo to be entered.

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