Tornado Week History

Marion, Ohio – As we continue Tornado Week, we look back on some of the Tornadoes that have taken a toll on Marion and Ohio. From 1950 to 1995, Ohio had a total of 656, while only 15 of those were in Marion County, Tornadoes Confirmed by the National Weather Service. In those 656 tornadoes, 173 Deaths and 4,156 Injuries were reported and caused more than $900 Million in damage.

During the 1973–1974 Super Outbreak, Marion county saw it’s share of a tornado that stretched across 4 different counties. The tornado started just south of Forest, Ohio in Hardin County and moved east through Marion, Wyandot, and Richland Counties for a total distance of 58.2 miles. During the length of the tornado, Marion County saw a total of 14 injuries out of the path. Winds from the tornado reached from 113 to 157 miles per hour.

Tornado Week Slides

Marion Ohio Weather will be taking you deeper into these statistics Tuesday evening at the Marion Public Library for our Tornado Week Presentation. This is open to kids and adults beginning at 7:00 pm.

As we continue to move through Tornado Week, don’t forget to also join us On-The-Air with Adam the Computer Guy tomorrow morning at 9:13 as we talk weather and weather technology. You can find the show on your radio dial on WWGH-LP/FM 107.1 or listen on their website at



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