Director Notes

As many of you have seen, we have been growing exponentially over the past couple months. Launching our new website, building new events, and working hand in hand with local government agencies to make our city a weather safe community are just some of the things we have started working on to continue to grow. We definitely couldn’t had done it without the fan base throughout all of our social media outlets and the help of local businesses and organizations like Johnson Property Services and the Marion Community Foundation (MarionMade!).

As you all know, in 2012, I launched the Marion Ohio Weather page on Facebook with the objective of updating local individuals with the weather. Since the birth of Marion Ohio Weather, 6 years ago, we have grown to new heights with over 6,000 followers just on Facebook alone. No we are not like the other Facebook sites in Marion, where we want to just make something up and hope that we get followers. We have provided our followers with the best possible weather information as we could for not only the Marion area but also surrounding counties as well.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our all new website, please browse around a bit and see how we are making things better for the Marion Community in regards to the weather. Since the launch on January 5, 2018, you have made our Weather43302 site a huge success with over 24,000 clicks to the site from our Social Media outlets. That is just too cool and we thank you! Now a lot of people have been asking, why did you launch the website when Facebook was doing just fine? Yes Facebook was working well for us, but we want to continue to grow within the community. Doing so, we need a website, other than Facebook, to do just that.

In 2018, we have all seen an increase of MOW Events. Tornado Week (March 12-16) is gearing up to be a huge event this year. We will be working with some local businesses to make sure we are spreading our Weather knowledge around the community. Some have seen the announcement of the First Annual Marion Ohio Weather 5K Family Fun Run (May 5th @ 11am). Registration is still underway for the 5K event. We are working on other events throughout the year and will be announcing those over the next few months.

This year is starting off with a bang and we are running full force to bring you the best weather information in the community. We do want to take the opportunity to thank a few of the people that have helped us grow. Like Jason at Johnson Property Services, James at the Marion Public Library, everyone at the Marion Community Foundation (MarionMade!), Dan at the Marion Park District, and many more. If you think your business could benefit from Marion Ohio Weather, you can help us out by becoming a Community Partner. Just click here to visit that page. Thank you all again for making 2018 the best so far. We can’t wait to let you in on all the secrets coming your way!


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