Rain Through The Day

Looking over the charts, they are showing us that Rain will stick around for most of the day. We are only looking at about 1/10 of an inch of rain today but most of it will start tapering off around 4pm today. We could see a few sprinkles here and there all the way up until 7pm. We will also see temperatures heat up into the upper 40’s today. Clouds will roll out overnight with sunny skies tomorrow. That 4 letter word that we tend to regret using, has a 40% chance of making an appearance Sunday night into Monday. Looking at the models, they are reading roughly a half inch in precipitation.
Courtesy of the National Weather Service

We hope you get a chance to enjoy your day as we continue to update you on current conditions. Do you have a business that runs and depends on the weather? Contact us and see how becoming a Community Partner can help your business.

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